The New Stöogez

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends…

For years I’ve wanted a way to express my love and admiration for everything music. The name of this site came from The Stooges but I never put the two together until a few months ago while watching a documenSound City postertary about Sound Studio recording studio in Van Nuys, Los Angeles and directed by David Grohl. If you haven’t seen it please make an effort to watch it, it’s an incredible story about how a recording studio in the back of a parking lot was responsible for the vast majority of recordings throughout the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. From Fleetwood Mac to Tom Petty to Slipknot and the Chili Peppers, many of the major bands we all know recorded in a crap hole in the wall place that looked like the back of a crap hole in the wall bowling alley.

Like most of you, music has been a large part of my life. By age 15, I had over 1000 LP’s and my collection was growing everyday. Today, it’s out of hand. Much of the collection I had to convert to a digital format but, a lot of the really good stuff I still have and listen to on my B&O turntable – a find I found at a junk store in Roscoe Village, Chicago back in 1991 and paid $30 for! Most of my memories are connected through specific songs. I only know the year something happened because of the songs that were playing on the radio at the time.

My mother grew up in Duncan Oklahoma and later moved to Kansas City in the 50’s. She frequented honky tonks as a teen and remembers seeing the likes of Johnny Cash before he was the “man in black” and CBill Woodsarl Perkins. She also remembers seeing Elvis open one night, for whom I don’t remember. She had her collection of old country & western 78’s down in our basement. I remember some of her albums and specifically a handful of very early Elvis Presley recordings that I’m sure are priceless now (who ever ended up with those congratulations).

The point of this website is to relive the experiences I grew up with through music. I will be reviewing documentaries about music and music culture as well as revisiting the bands and singer songwriters that most influenced me throughout my life. I’m sure I’ll piss some of you off and make others head for a nuclear silo, but remember, this is my site and if you don’t like – PISS OFF!!!