Sean Rowe

There are times in one’s life that change is good. No matter how painful it may be it will always take you to a better place. Music has always been an important part of this journey and currently two musicians have been fine company on this road, Amos Lee and Sean Rowe. Both are equally fantastic lyricist. Please, if you ever get a chance to see Amos Lee live do it. He will be at Red Rocks in a couple of weeks. Sean Rowe is a perfect example of traditional Folk music with a focus on the nature that surrounds his life. This is an important part of who he is and transcends his lyrics and music. Something that has touched me personally in my journey as a man in my 50’s. Lately, I have found a connection with music that is both organic and philosophical, touching my aging soul. Yes, I do still yearn for my punk and alternative music, but musicians that speak to the “heart of the matter” in a journey that may personally bring me back to the roots of a  metaphorical transcendental enlightenment are always welcomed.

I know, this is getting a little bit like Sartre but that is where I am right now my little droogs. So please bare with me. I promise next week’s post will be far more spirited! Enjoy….

To Leave Something Behind

Drinkin’ to Get Drunk Music

No doubt, the best drinkin’to drown your sorrows music is old country western. We all have our standbys such as Merle Haggard, Waylon, George “no show” Jones, Hank and hundreds of other Country Western singers. Recently, I came across someone who can easily compete with these icons of music. Chris Stapleton was born in Kentucky where all good song writers and drinkers come from. Through the years, he has written many hit songs sung by the likes of Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Darius Rucker, and the Dixie Chicks. In 2015  Chris released his first album Traveller. I ask you Mr. Stapleton, why didn’t you do this earlier? I would have spent more time drowning my sorrows with Jack Daniels while playing your music in the background. Do me a favor, click on the title of this song and listen to Whiskey and You. It will make you want to pour a strong one late at night while sitting on your porch under a full moon in the middle of July thinking about a long lost love. You will make yourself wonder why life can be so beautiful and yet so painful at the same time. Enjoy!