Lyrics damn it! It’s the lyrics

Currently I’m on a flight to Cancun, Mexico. As we travers the friendly skies I’m listening to Artic Monkeys, AM. The nice thing about being on a two hour flight and listening to music via Bowers & Wilkins headphones, which I truly love, is that you can give quality time to the lyrics of the songs you’re listening to. L Y R I C S – something that has been lost in the modern white man’s world of music. Now, that being said, I’m not going to say all is lost. There are plenty of bands out there creating worthwhile and entertaining music. But much of it can be at the expense of good and meaningful lyrics. Hey, there was a time when musicians wanted to say something about the world around them and not simply that their heart is broken because of that bitch Maybaline who left him for some hard working farm boy in Nebraska. 

Because we are rapidly coming to the end of 2015, I want you to make a promise to yourself, that in the year of our lord, 2016, you will NOT listen to crap music anymore and instead, dedicate your time to something worthwhile. Pay attention to the words that are being yelled at you through your headphones, Beats or otherwise. Find the meaning of your poor insignificant life in the words of some ambiguous band that makes your life either better or worse. Hell, it’s better than just aimlessly listening to crap music all your life.

Thank you from your friend here at stöogez and your intellect may thank you as well.

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