Camera is for Pictures

In the late 70’s I started to really get into photography. My first camera came via my father, a Canon TL which I still have. My second camera was a Canon AE1 which I got in 1980. I used to take that camera everywhere and it’s the one I learned about shutter speed, f-stops and film speed. A guy in my high school, J.B., had the camera above, a Canon A1 that I used to covet daily. Finally, I bought this camera in a garage sale years after the 35mm mania had died and gone away. I love this camera and wish there was a way to convert it into a digital mirrorless DSLR. But for now I just look at it and reminisce about my youth and forgotten dreams. 

Oh fucking hell, the camera kicks ass. Who gives a crap about nostalgia? By the way, I took this pic with my kickass Fujifilm X-T1 using a vintage Nikon lens off my wife’s old camera. Now that’s cool shit!

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