Café Tacvba

Back in the early 90’s upon visiting my lovely family for Christmas in Mexico City (my mum lived in a haunted house at this time so how could I pass up Christmas en la casa de fantasmas?) I came accross this CD called Café Tacvba at my favorite Music/Bookstore, Libros Ghandi. It looked interesting and the band was named after a favorite cafe in downtown Mexico City. I brought it home and played it. At the time I was really into Rock/Flamenco, a kind of underground fusion between the two musical styles. Café Tacvba interested me a little but I wasn’t sold.
Years later I was going through my stack of plastic discs trying to find enough crap to take to the CD/Record Exchange on Clark Street in Lincoln Park, Chicago. I saw the CD and decided to play it one last time before I sent it on it’s way. WOW! What was I thinking back in ’92? What was wrong with me? This band was fucking great! Not just, “hmm that’s pretty good sounding shit,” but G R E A T!
Rubén Albarran is about 5 and half feet tall but what comes out of his mouth is humongous. His voice is like no other and under most circumstance would probably not fly here in the good ol’ US. But under the guise of Rock en Español, it is killer – I hate that title but we’ll run with it for now.* Café Tacvba has become one of my favorite bands from Mexico. In 2005 they released an MTV Unplugged CD. I’ve had a love/hate relation with those unplugged CD’s from the 90’s and 00’s, but I have to admit, this CD is fantastic. August loved listening to it when driving in his car seat.
For my Chicago friends who saw Café Tacvba Friday night, I hope y’all had fun at Addams Park. This is a killer band to see live, so if you ever get a chance (they’re in LA next weekend, Rene?) go see them, you won’t be pissed you did.

Now for a word about categories
I’ve never liked the idea of categories but I understand we must have a way to decipher what is what in this world and thus we created categories. My problem is that we have created one category for styles of music that are not traditionally Mexican Rancheros and called it Rock en Español. There are newer titles I’ve noticed, Rock Urbano for example. My point is, music shouldn’t exist by categories but rather by music itself. When I’m asked what kind of music do I listen to, I have a hard time answering the question. I like almost every type of music as long as it’s good. Hell, I even like Chic! I’ve never thought about limiting my taste to one certain type of music, and never will. Even at 18 when I was banging my head to The Cramps, I still loved Miles Davis. Never be afraid to step outside and listen to what the neighbor’s are playing, you might just find yourself grooving to something new that you actually like!