The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour

Last night I saw The Stones perform live at Arrowhead Stadium. Continually having to pick up my jaw off the floor I began to feel there must be something wrong with me. How does Jagger do it? He’s 72 years old and performs like he’s half his age. They were damn amazing (a word that is way over used today). Some people may see them as a band that has started to show their convalescing but hell no. They are still putting on a show that is worth the price of admission. It was a blast to look around and see folks well in their 60’s dressed conservativley, having fun – women throwing their hands up in the air, men pumping their fist and singing along with the band and even, holy shit, folks gyrating! The beer was flowing, weed was being smoked, grown men yelling at the top of their lungs and then there was me, feeling like I was seeing the holy grail of Rock and Roll, paralyzed with emotion thinking about the history behind these guys. The Stones are Rock & Roll and here they are, maybe performing their last tour before permanant retirement.
I have to admit that I was caught up in the moment and felt like I could now die a happy man…

Nahhhh, too much shit out there I still want to experience. But I will say this, that band was bad ass rockin’.

Start Me Up
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
Tumbling Dice
Doom and Gloom
Beast of Burden
(with Ed Sheeran)
Kansas City
(Little Willie Littlefield cover) (first since the early 1960s)
Wild Horses
Street Fighting Man
(by request)
Honky Tonk Women
(followed by band introductions)
Before They Make Me Run
(Keith Richards on lead vocals)
(Keith Richards on lead vocals)
Midnight Rambler
Miss You
Gimme Shelter
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Sympathy for the Devil
Brown Sugar
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
(featuring the University of… more )
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

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