Record Collections

I HATE record collections? Hate them like no other. Records have plagued me all of my life. When CDs started to enter our lives, I was very happy. They were small, compact and sounded great. I never was one to debate the “warm” sound of “vinyl” compared to CDs. I could give a rat’s ass. I remember one of the first CDs I bought was Ray Charles. One night I had my headphones on and was listening to Ray and marveling at the clarity of the sound. Mr. Charles was singing Old Man River and I could hear a woman whispering the words of the song in Ray’s ears! How’s that for fucking clarity?!
I’m not hear to judge you if you like CD’s or love record albums, or call records vinyl, or drink Starbucks coffee. No, I’m hear to fucking complain about all the fucking records I still own and haunt me every day of my life. There was a time when I owned over 2000 records. Thank god I moved from Mexico to the US and in doing so was forced to consolidate the monster on my back. But, I still have some of the records that I’ve had when I was 15. They are taking up too much room in our small house, yet I can’t throw them out – they hold all those goddamn memories that I also can’t throw out. There’s nothing like putting on Kraftwerk…
this album right here



…and going back over thirty years to a different time and place. Oh cry me a big fucking river! Who cares? No one does but the person listening. And that’s my point. This is one of the reasons why music is so damn cool. It creates little worlds inside our little brains so that we can go visit anytime through the magic of music. I find this so damn interesting that I am trying to write a little story about it. Maybe one day I’ll actually finish it. If I don’t that’s OK too, just as long as I can listen to my original Kraftwerk and remember that day when I was with my best friend and that girl and we were, blah blah blah…

Before you go smoke another bowl and go down memory lane, do me a favor and send me some pictures of y’alls record collections and I’ll post them under my new page entitled Record Collections. Wow that’s original!

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