Are We Not Men?

My brother and I watched a lot of the early, Not Ready For Primetime Players, Saturday Night Live, and I remember discovering a lot of new bands by watching SNL. Sometime in 1978 he and I were watching SNL not together but at the same time (he was NYC and I was in Mexico City) when our first encounter with five guys in yellow jump suits appeared on our TV’s. Devo was performing, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction! Holy shit batman! What the fuck was that? I couldn’t believe my ears. They took the Rolling Stones anthem and sped it up into something entirely different. Even at 15 I knew this band kicked holy ass. 

Sunday morning my brother called and asked if I had seen Devo the night before. We talked about how fucking great they were for 30 minutes when my mother came into the kitchen and said I had to get off the phone because our bill was going to be crazy expensive. 

Later that summer my brother came to visit Mexico City and brought me a copy of, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo. He also wore a yellow jumpsuit and we entertained ourselves imitating Devo for an entire Saturday while trying to blow out my cheap-ass stereo speakers. 

I REALLY like this album. Uncontrollable Urge, Joko Homo, Space Junk and Satisfaction are my top picks. Devo’s second album, Freedom of Choice was a bigger success due to it being more poppy, but I like Are We Not Men much better because it’s so much more original with its lyrics and pulsating electric energy ridden, repetitive rhythm, blown up in your devolution mind, sound. I’m sure my nostalgia shrouds my criticism with rose colored Wayfarers, but who the fuck cares?

By the fucking way, my copy is pressed in purple marble as a special edition from Germany and according to Discogs, is worth 3.4 million dollars! 

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