The Rainmakers Live at Knuckleheads

Back in the 80’s my taste in music was the louder the better and if it included lyrics like “fuck you, I’m cool” or “I am an anarchist, Don’t know what I want…” even better. Yes, I was a damn punk with multicolored hair playing in a band called the Taxis. So I missed out on a lot of popular and not so popular music that other people were listening to. One such alternative pop band that I had never heard of until this past year was The Rainmakers. My wife has fallen in love with these guys and with lyrics that similarly express angst like the ones I appreciated 30 years ago, I can see why. This past weekend we went to see them at Knuckleheads (a Kansas City indoor/outdoor venue) for their annual show. My first impression when we walked into the packed bar was, I’m the youngest guy here – usually it’s the other way around. As soon as the band walked on stage, the crowd went wild, so much so that I had to grab my wife’s hand and head towards the stage to kill off a few more of the hairs in my cochlea.
Even though these guys have obviously sung the same songs a thousand times over the past thirty years, they kicked ass delivering a performance worthy of men half their age. I was impressed with their witty lyrics such as Drinkin’ on the Job
The farmer he got plowed
The bricklayer got plastered
The mechanic he got tanked
The construction worker got blasted
And Daddy beat up Mommy and broke her collarbone for good luck
Everybody’s drunk
Everybody’s wasted
Everybody’s drinkin’ on the job
I enjoyed myself saturday night and wish the Rainmakers success on the european tour which is sold out in Norway! Though The Rainmakers is not a band I’d follow, I must admit it was cool to see how devoted their fans were to their hometown pride. And who knows, if I’d come accross this band back in my punk days, maybe I’d been one of those guys at Knucklehaeds wearing a hawiaiian shirt waiving my fist in the air,.. not!

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