Homer’s Music – Omaha

A few weeks ago, August and I went to Omaha, Nebraska because neither of us had ever been there. It was a blast! After having a delicious “Omaha” steak dinner Saturday night in the Old Market district we walked IMG_0039around and came across Homer’s Music. August has grown up around my record collection but he’s never seen an actual record store. There are things from my past that are disappearing (think Blockbuster) quickly and record stores like Peaches, Sound Warehouse, Tower Records and then all the local shops, are no longer a part of our city landscape. In my youth every Saturday was spent mulling over hundreds of albums trying to zero in on the one album I’d spend my $7 on. It was with great pleasure I saw my son attempting to do the thing that came so naturally to me when we stepped inside IMG_0138
Homer’s. I came across one of my all time favorite albums that my sister originally bought back when it was originally released in ’73, Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP). The record looked like it had never been played and the cover was in great condition. The artwork is an HR Giger die cut and still holds up to my “cool” factor 40 years later. I will be reviewing this record later, but for now here’s a little taste of ELP

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