Chapter Zero.1

Before I can start writing my extraordinary biography that will wow and cow people, I need to write a few things that I believe will clarify some miss conceptions about me. Let’s start with the misconception that I may think anything I say is actually incredible. Look at this photo of our planet. It was taken in 1990 from Voyager 1, 3.1 billion miles away just before it left our galaxy.

Pale Blue Dot

It had just enough battery to turn it’s camera around and shoot this picture. The pale blue dot that appears in the ribbon of color on the right side of the photograph is our planet floating in the vast universe. Watch the video narrated by Carl Sagan. It puts perspective on how insignificant our place is on this earth and in this universe. 

How does all this relate to my incredible biography you ask? There are billions of people who have lived and will live and are living on this planet. There are billions of galaxies and billions upon billions of seconds of time. I exist in this history but for a brief second. The experiences I’ve lived through are no more gander or important than billions of other experiences from the past, present or future. The life we live and the memories we connect to it exist in a small mass of grey material inside our head. And the crazy thing is this is the only thing that connects us with the vast universe before us. Without this grey matter, we do not exist. Therefore, the question I have tried to answer since I was 15 years old is, does the universe only exist in our head?

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