The Beginning

Chapter Zero

New Document


It was a cold, hard night, piece of steal reality. So I’m sitting here writing on my new MacBook Air. It’s an 11” screen which makes it very small, but very cool. That’s necessary when attempting to write an incredible biography. What would be cooler? Writing it on my old Royal typewriter that was my grandmother’s. She used it to write about the Gray Panthers during 1970’s. She was an advocate of senior rights before advocating for aging Americans was cool. I wish I had

Royal Typewriter

 known her as an adult but she died in 1979 when I was 16 living in Mexico. She ended up in a nursing home in an ironic twist of fait.

Back to my Mac. This is the machine I have chosen to write the incredible biography. Rather than write a book that will most likely never be published since everyone is writing a book now, I’ve decided to publish it online u

sing WordPress. I can’t say enough for WP. It is a wonderful piece of software that makes website design and publishing attainable for the masses. I’ve worked in the pass in web development and came to hate it. I loved the creative aspect of designing, but the marketing part was a headache. So I gave it up and have returned to my original frame of thinking that I believe to be more altruistic. I work for an electronics store loving every single moment I’m on the floor. I wouldn’t give up what I do and the place I am in life for any amount of money. People may think I’m insane but it’s true. I work daily with people who make millions of dollars and are not much older than I am. But the stress they have won’t equal any amount of happiness I have.

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